Radical epy (epynephrin) wrote in writers_hub,
Radical epy

Something I Wrote Recently

I wrote the original ideas down early last summer, hoping to later work them into something. Some of the sentiments felt too extreme for my mood now. Some are added as of yesterday.
But, love them or hate them, here they are...

Could you please vacate the premises now,
I'm tired of thinking solely of you
Even some natural disaster
half the world away leaves me worried

I wait up all night long for one email
To hear from someone I'll never have
Then I pass through stages: First a sadness
Next, I get over you, Last, I wonder
...How'd I get here?

All I am is a poet, a dreamer
and some **cheap**, poor excuse for a loser
**I can't hold my pen, nor write my thoughts out**
But every song that I have,
I offered you all so freely then

Resist the urge to chase ambulances down
Ask them to check my pulse and my breathing
"Doc, are you really sure i'm still alive?
I thought that i had clinically died"

Haven't heard my heart beat in a while
Not that i've checked. [beat] Not that I care
I wake up more from habit than of need.
I live like some robot trapped in a grid
...Is it my fault?


Every time i pull my mind from the gutter
Dust it off, clean it out, and reapply it
I have a whole new world to fight alone
My sword is broken, but my flag's still there

And every time life moves out without me
I go back to my empty apartment
sit on the floor, pick up the disconnected phone
and announce to the silence my fresh start
... are you still there?

**starred text denotes things i'm not 100% on**
but all criticism well accepted. Beats are off on a few lines, too...
And i didn't totally hate it. The tune kinda fits with "Kicking the Heart Out" by Rogue Wave, yet another free iTunes song
Please Read and Comment, thanks!!
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