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Ok... dunno if i wanted to post this, so yell at me if you don't like it. But i was musing the other day on what a girlfriend is, and here's what came of it...

Those who know me, know that this is a, pretty much, non-sexual thing. Also, they know that I'm writing pretty much from speculation, as i've always been single =\ but... i was thinking... Thursday night... about what a girlfriend _is_ exactly, and i basically handwrote two pages worth of it; i'll probably think of more as I go. Umm, feel free to borrow it or whatever, jus gimme credit... not that i actually think people will. So, without further ado, here it is.

A Girlfriend is...
someone to hug, cuddle, hold hands with
someone to call my own, who claims the same of me
someone to laugh with
someone to cry on my shoulder
someone to console and (try to) understand me
someone to share my victories, to share victories with
someone to argue with me, play devil's advocate and to try and sway my thinking
someone to be a middle C, a constant
someone to broaden my horizons, as i try broadening hers
someone to show off to my family and friends
someone to call pet-names
someone to be a best friend (even in the event of a break-up)
someone to dress up for, shower for, preen myself for
someone to build me up when i need it, and to knock me down when i need it
someone to balance my emotions, and I hers
someone to whose eyes/voice/smile/etc make me melt inside
someone to exchange glances with across a crowded room, flash a smile to, and the have the energy to endure whatever conversation i may be engaged in
someone to motivate me, to be a motivation to me
someone to sing to, to write songs/poetry for, to draw (albeit poorly) for
someone to whom my boring details seem amazing, and vice-versa
someone to know my faults, but think i'm perfect
someone to love, despite her flaws
someone to share my lamest interests with
someone to watch movies with
someone to save a seat for, or have one saved for me
someone to fight for the right to sit next to
someone to share my favorite snack with, even though that may be a struggle
someone to give backrubs to, or to get them from
someone to watch over as she's fallen asleep on my couch/floor/wherever
someone to watch out for
someone to open doors for
someone to get little notes/cards/letters/texts/IMs/etc from about how much they love and miss me
someone to send the above messages to
someone to be my valentine
someone to waste my meager supply of money on, but who doesn't want me to spend a cent
someone to chare a cookie, ice cream or dessert with
someone to cook for
someone to suprise
someone to have bright ideas for fun stuff to do
someone to teach
someone to learn from
someone to defend and protect, to come to the rescue of
someone to hide from their greatest fears
someone to shop with, to make daytrips with
someone to bring home for dinner who loves my family as much as I do
someone to call me higher
someone to walk home
someone to be real with, to be brutally honest with
someone to be true to
someone to listen to music with, both new and old
someone to give my jacket/sweater/armor to
someone to be needed by
someone to need
someone to appreciate
someone to miss

Every time i look at that list, i keep thinking that i've been too hopelessly romantic, that i've created the perfect woman, one who doesn't exist. I wonder if i need to add "someone i'll never meet" to the end of the list...
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